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1978 BEECHCRAFT A36 BONANZA E-1313 Aircraft

This 1978 Beechcraft A36 Bonanza has the STC for the 350hp Lycoming TIO-540 engine conversion, with aux tip tanks. Updated panel includes the Garmin GTN 750, G500, Century 4 Autopilot, MPV-50 engine monitoring display, Garmin GTX 330. 2006 Interior. 1984 BEECHCRAFT A36 Bonanza - Aircraft Operating Costs The A36 Bonanza seats up to 5 passengers plus 1 pilot. 1984 BEECHCRAFT A36 Bonanza - Specifications, Performance, Operating cost, Valuation, Brokers - planephd Toggle navigation

A36 cost of operation - ABS

May 11, 2010 · Very practical answer Jeff to the hourly operating cost of an A36- for a B58 you can double the annual ($10K per year) and double eng and prop reserves, and and double fuel burn to 30 USG per hour, and add 20% to insurance ($4500- per year) - otherwise the hangar, maint, subscription and paint concept figures are same for the twin-A36!! BEECHCRAFT A36 BONANZA Aircraft For Sale - 17 Listings Aug 12, 2021 · SUPER NICE A36 BONANZA $429,000 FOR SALE 1998 Bonanza A36, TTAF:3910, SMOH:1034. This is a Very Nice A36, Always Hangared, Great Compressions, Air Conditioner, New Nose Wheel Tire, Owner has See More Details Do You Really Want a Twin? - AVwebDec 01, 1997 · Seriously, an in-depth analysis of operating costs is beyond the scope of this article.But we can take a quick look at this distasteful subject. Theres an old rule-of-thumb that says you can get a rough approximation of the hourlyoperating cost of flying an airplane 200 hours a year by taking the hourly cost of fueland multiplying by four.

N708W 1985 BEECHCRAFT A36 BONANZA on Aircraft

AKC Aviation is proud to present this 1985 Beechcraft A36 Bonanza. 3214 Total Time , 1659 SMOH Factory Reman, Garmin GTN 750 with Jepp Charts, Garmin GMA-340 AudioPanel, Garmin GDL-88 ADS-B In and Out, Garmin GDL-69 XM Weather, Sandel 3500 HSI (LED), Garmin G5, Safe Flight AOA. N720KB 2004 BEECHCRAFT A36 BONANZA on Aircraftown one of the fastest A36 Bonanza's in the World! Year Built 2004 A36 Bonanza Prop-Jet. 140 TT. powered by a 750 SHP Walter 601E Turbine Engine. 3 Bladed Avia Propeller W/ De-ice, 6 seats (only 4 shown), Leather interior, Air Conditioning, Built in Oxygen, 175 Gal Fuel, Full IFR A36 Ownership and Operating Costs BEECHCRAFT Bonanza B36TCBased on 450 annual owner-operated hours and $5.00-per-gallon fuel cost, the BEECHCRAFT Bonanza B36TC has total variable costs of $117,900.00, total fixed costs of $24,140.00, and an annual budget of $142,040.00. This breaks down to $315.64 per hour.

Ownership and Operating Costs PIPER Saratoga II TC

Based on 450 annual owner-operated hours and $5.00-per-gallon fuel cost, the PIPER Saratoga II TC has total variable costs of $115,650.00, total fixed costs of $23,635.00, and an annual budget of $139,285.00. This breaks down to $309.52 per hour.Aircraft Operating Cost -36 BONANZA A3636 BONANZA A36. Operating Costs Per Hour; Fuel Cost Per Hour :$ 80.89 Oil Cost Per Hour :$ 2.00 Engine Reserve Per Hour :$ 22.37 Prop Reserve Per Hour :$ 6.00 Total Variable Cost Per Hour:$ 105.26 Other Related Information; Fuel Cost Per Gallon:$ 5.43:Fuel Type