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Crane hooks are highly liable components and are always subjected to failure due to accumulation of large amount of stresses which can eventually lead to its failure. To study the stress pattern of crane hook in its loaded condition, a solid model of crane hook is prepared with the help of ANSYS 14 workbench. Real time pattern of stress concentration in 3D model of crane hook is obtained. (PDF) DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF LUFFING CRANE HOOK Further, out of these candidates, best candidates are considered and fatigue analysis is performed on these candidates. The weight of the final candidate is reduced by 15.861 Kg compared to actual hook model. The weight optimization of the crane hook is achieved by taking parallel sides of the cross section of crane hook as the design variables.

Computer aided analysis and design of hoisting

In this project an overall design of the hoisting mechanism of an EOT crane has been carried out. The dimensions of the main components have been determined for a load capacity of 50 ton crane having 8 rope falls . Various dimensions for cross sections of various shapes for crane hook have been found. Crane Hook Design and Analysis - ResearchGateThe design process of crane hook and the analysis process of crane hook using the Alloy 1.2367 (X38CrMoV5-3) are detailed. Results such as Von Mises stress, Factor of Safety Design Analysis And Weight Optimization Of Lifting HookLifting hooks are the components which are generally used to elevate the heavy load in industries and constructional sites. It is the member used for lifting the heavy mass using wire ropes and crane. The objective of this work is to carry out computer aided design and analysis of hook. In analysis of hook the load applied is 1.5tonne.

Design, Analysis and Weight Optimization of Crane

stress pattern of crane hook in its loaded condition for different cross section, the design and drafting of crane hook will be prepared by using ANSYS 14.5. By finite element analysis, the stress which is to be formed in various cross section are compared with design calculation .The stressDESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF CRANE HOOK WITH Figure 4:Stress Analysis on Crane Hook with Wrought Iron Material The above figure shows the result of the crane hook by using the ANSYS workbench software. The stress of the crane hook measured in simulation. In the figure 4 the multi colors of rectangle is showed. The colors are denoting the safe and unsafe level of the iron crane hook.