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HARD MATERIAL SOLUTIONS BY CERATIZIT ROTARY FORGING 2018 3 ceratizit Precision for rotary forging When it comes to metal forming, rotary forging is one of the most efficient processes to produce solid or tubular components from bars and tubes. This method has become more and more popular as it carries some outstanding advantages: About us PlanseeWe are part of the Plansee Group. The Plansee Group is entirely focused on producing, processing and marketing the refractory metals molybdenum and tungsten. The Plansee Group is also committed to ensuring a sustainable supply of raw materials:"By acquiring GTP in 2008 and a holding in Molymet, we set a strategic mark in respect of ensuring our primary raw materials molybdenum and tungsten in the long term."(Dr. Michael Schwarzkopf, chairman of the supervisory board of the Plansee


FR2305018A1 FR7607627A FR7607627A FR2305018A1 FR 2305018 A1 FR2305018 A1 FR 2305018A1 FR 7607627 A FR7607627 A FR 7607627A FR 7607627 A FR7607627 A FR 7607627A FR 2305018 A1 FR2305018 A1 FR 2305018A1 Authority FR France Prior art keywords fireplace ceramic metal outside thin coating Prior art date 1975-03-19 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption New coating material from Plansee for molybdenum targets Plansee has taken it a step further with their monolithic rotary targets, as they do not require a backing tube. This is due to their targets being purely molybdenum. They can be operated at a significantly high-power density and thus, a high coating rate. Monolithic targets are in direct contact with the cooling water of the coating systems. Plansee:Monolithic Rotary Sputtering Targets Aug 25, 2009 · As the leading supplier of planar and rotary sputtering targets for thin-film solar cells and flat panel displays, PLANSEE is continually developing innovative solutions for optimal sputtering results and an efficient coating process. For the photovoltaic industry the company now offers monolithic rotary targets made of 100 % molybdenum.

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Powerful products from strong metals. Strong metal and unrivaled product quality - that's what all the Plansee products have in common. From tiny heat sinks to huge furnace installations. Rotary Friction Welding of Molybdenum Components PLANSEE SE; Nikolaus Reheis. A welding procedure was established and used for the manufacturing of thin walled tubes. Rotary friction welding experiments were carried out on rod material of Rotary Patents and Patent Applications (Class 378/144 Abstract:An X-ray tube includes a vacuum housing, an electron gun, and an anode that includes a target emitting X-rays and a target supporting portion supporting the target. The target supporting portion has an anode main body portion and a protrusion portion including a side surface portion. The anode main body portion includes an outer circumferential surface extending in a direction of a

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The Plansee Group is an international high-tech company based in Reutte, Austria. It spans the three divisions Plansee High Performance Materials, Global Tungsten & Powders (GTP) and Ceratizit Hard Metals & Tools Rotary tubes, Heating elements, Charge carriers, Crucibles, Formed Pressed-sintered Annealing and sintering boat Shieldings,Spare US3610984A - Rotating-anode x-ray tube with multiple focal A rotating-anode X-ray tube wherein the anode target has a first focal plane made of tungsten and a second focal plane made of molybdenum, rhodium, silver or palladium, there are disposed opposite US4516255A - Rotating anode for X-ray tubes - Google There is disclosed a rotating anode for use in X-ray tubes having a basic member made of a carbonaceous molybdenum alloy, such as TZM, and a focal path, that is

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A method for the diffusion bonding of a graphite member to a metallic surface as part of a composite rotary anode for an X-ray tube is set forth. In the completed structure a carbide-free compound laminate separating and metallurgically bonded to the graphite member and to the metallic surface consists of, in sequence, a layer of interdiffused metals comprising a first metal selected from the kiln rotary plasma furmace - Bussa Machineryrotary tubesplansee. Rotary kilns are used, for example, for the incineration of hazardous waste and in calcination processes. The rotary tube inside the furnace must withstand temperatures of up to 1 400 °C (2552 °F) Read More. rotary kilngasification of biomass and municipal wastes.Molybdenum PlanseeWith our rotary targets, you can use more than 75 % of the target material and enjoy a longer period of utilization. We produce rotary targets of up to four meters in length on reusable steel or titanium backing tubes. You can also test our monolithic rotary targets which do not require a backing tube.