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Well Shin was starting from a single household power cord, now had developed a wide range of power connector cord sets, accessories including industrial, construction, generator power, marine shore power, RV Camp, trailer/ truck towing power, EV Green Power, medical equipment, extension cords set, NEMA/ IEC series, 3C related AC cord, AC/DC charger adapters, travel adapter, wall panel and EV Charger Cable Dyden CorporationUL 62 CSA C22.2 No. 49-10:UL 62:Electrical Appliances and Material Safety Act:EN50525-2-51:GB/T 5023.7:Certification:UL Japan:UL Japan:JET:TUV Rheinland Japan:CCC:Code:EVJT:EVJT:H-VCT:O5VV5-F (60227IEC75) 60227IEC75 (RVVY) Rated Voltage:300V:300V:600V:300/500V:300/500V:Rated Temperature:105°C:105°C:75°C:70°C:70°C:Certification Size:AWG18~AWG12

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UL APPROVAL 600 VOLT TYPE EVT 300 VOLT TYPE EVJT STANDARDS UL standard 62 NEC articles 400 and 625 MECHANICAL Passes cold bend requirements for UL62 Bend radius 7 x cable OD minimum Oil, chemical, sunlight and water resistant ELECTRICAL CURRENT CAPACITITY BY GAUGE SIZE 14 AWG 16 AMP 10 AWG 30 AMP 8 AWG 31 TO 74 AMP 6 AWG 75 TO 99 AMP Electric Vehicle Cables EVE Charging Cable Systems Wire Well if you look closely, its the jacket material. Systems Wire and Cable is on the forefront again with its addition of a new EVE, EVJE Polyurethane Jacketed Electric vehicle charging cables. Of all the EV cables, UL EVE has the most stringent testing requirements. This isnt like any EVE cable youve seen before. With the new UL 62 Crush-proof requirements for all EVSE cables, SWC engineers piloted a Electric Vehicle Coiled Cables with True Polyurethane Coil Cable Specialist LLC is an EVE UL62 Retractable Cable Manufacturer. These EVJE and EVE Retractable Cords are made to perform better than regular EVJT or EVT cheap jacket Cables producing more retracting cycles, more resistant to the environment and more flexible. This UL-62 is approved for outside the conduit runs, powering any device and for applications where a conduit is not needed.

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power, signal, data and fiber hybrid cables in any AWG size CarolGrene cables are built to the following standards: UL 62 approved Compatible with SAE J1772 connectors and UL 2594 and NEC 625 charging stations RoHS Compliant for EV charging stations in wet locations ON - Dyden cablesE338734 (UL) EVJT 105 3×14AWG1×18AWG 300V VW-1 DYDEN 2014 E338734 C(UL)US EVT 105 3×14AWG(2.08mm2)1×18AWG(0.824mm2) 600V VW-1 DYDEN 2014 CE 05VV5-F 300/500V DYDEN 2014 UL CSA (cUL) CE (IEC) EV charger cable (Level 1 / 2) standard ON Cable Rail & Transit - Wire and Cable Solutions - General Cable®The CarolGrene Electric Vehicle cable line, when terminated in accordance with electric CarolGrene EVT Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Jacket the most economical of the three standard jacketed EV cables in the line; lightweight and best suited for consumer or UL 62 approved Compatible with SAE J1772 connectors and UL 2594 and

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Dec 23, 2009 · OSCEOLA, Wis., 23 Dec. 2009. Northwire Inc. in Osceola, Wis., is introducing rugged, high-reliability bulk cable, CoilBoss retractile cords, and, complete charging cables, called All Electric Specialty Cord CarolGrene Ultra Flex Jacketed Types EVJE ELECTRIC VEHICLE CABLE -- (SIZE) (mm2) E333326-8 (UL) EVJE c(UL) 105°C DRY 60°C WET 300 V FT2 - ROHS - MADE IN USA Applications:0.454 Level 1 - 120 volt charging units Level 2 - 240 volt charging units Compatible with SAE J1772 EV plug standard UL 2594 and NEC 625 residential and commercial charging stations Ideal for charging electric vehicles (EV), evertopEVERTOP WIRE CABLE CORP LANE 91 REN-AI RD, SEC 2 TAIPEI TAIWAN ELECTRIC VEHICLE CABLE Type EVT rated 600C, 750C, 900C or 1050C Dry, wet, Oil Jacket, 600 V. Have been investigated by UL in accordance with the Standard(s) indicated oh this Certificate. UL 62, Flexible Cords and Cables. See the UL Online Certifications Directory at

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Yes - UL 62:Flex Cord (1 week at 60ºC) 18-12 AWG (.824-3.309) 22, 20 (.325, .519) TPE, PVC 300V 18-2 AWG (.824-33.6) 600V Jacket Shore Hardness A (+/- 3) Maximum Continous Operating Temp Cold Bend Cold Impact Flame Rating Crush Resistance Sunlight/UV Resistance Oil Resistance AWG (mm²), Power AWG (mm) Power Limited Data, Signal, & Commun.